Community Arts in Action

Open Studio is a free weekly walk-in painting program that takes place in Flemingdon Park Library. It is an inclusive space for Flemingdon Park residents to create, experiment and exchange ideas. Supplies and mentorship from professional artists are provided. Here you can find their works on display!
My brother’s King Charles Spaniel is playful, affectionate, and sociable.

King of Cocker Spaniel

by Louise Ng

Digital art using Adobe Fresco

Paper Airplanes

by Sherry Chen

This is a learnt piece, showing how manipulating light and colour has the power to create something aesthetically pleasing.


by Nadima Ali Latif

Finding ways to stay positive during the pandemic, keeping calm, healthy and strong.

Raising Above the Pandemic

by Zeni Shariff

Inspired by the song Dona nobis pacem in Latin, “Give us peace”.

Dona nobis pacem (“Give us peace”)

by Fifi Lam

Embroidery on mixed textiles tulle and felt. This piece is inspired by the landscapes of Florianopolis a city in Brazil that I still call home.


by Cecília Castiñeira Garcia

Colors make our lives beautiful and exciting. Without colors, life would be just black & white and very dull. Some colors are soothing to the eyes and some colors touch our hearts. When we look around, we can appreciate beauty with different colors in their various shades. The colors of nature are even more amazing to view and evoke special feelings. “RAINBOW” is a seven letter word and has seven beautiful colors, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.

The Rainbow

by Arzina Pirbhai

Acrylic on canvas 30×56 cm

A tree for each season

by Arielah Lifshitz

I have enjoyed making cards for family and friends, as well as learning how to paint clouds, flowers, and waves.

Janette Bibi

by Joyce Devenny

In Sunset along with watercolour I added stars to the painting with an acrylic paint marker. I almost didn’t add the stars and luckily I did and I became carried away with the stars.


by Rashida Ismail

“Art Ignite has been a wonderful creative outlet during these trying times. It provided something to look forward to each week and a safe place to exchange thoughts and creative work. The community of artists are amazing !!!!”

– Sherry Chen
contributing artist and Participant in the program

This project aims to extend the power of art and the power to break through social isolation to those who have limited access to it. Open Studio a free weekly walk-in painting program that takes place in Flemingdon Park Library. We provide mentorship and a variety of art supplies to help participants design and achieve their unique artistic vision. This program is an extension of a project Tasneem led through Cultural Hotspot in Spring, 2017.

Due to today’s current situation, the program has gone virtual.

This project was supported through Toronto Arts Council Strategic Funding.